Comfy Quarantine Faves

Before this pandemic I worked away from the home… Like, in public. Now several months in, I find myself working predominantly from home and that means that some, (let’s be honest, most), days I don’t put on real pants. These have been my favorite finds during quarantine:

Hue Sweatshirt Denim Capri

These are the true VIP of work from home. They are “pajama jeans” 2.0. The are ridiculously comfortable, but totally look like real jeans! I’m hoping they come out with a full length version for when it starts to get too chilly for the capri length.

Barefoot Dreams Malibu Collection

I am living for coordinates right now and these are the best of the best. The joggers are buttery soft and the tank feels like you’ve washed it a million times, in the best way possible. The fit is easy; not tight but not sloppy. You could easily wear them to run errands and look chic, not like you’re in your pajamas. The best part is when you buy from QVC they offer them on “Easy Pay”. You can split up the cost in a predetermined number of months (usually 3-5), but they send them to your door after your first payment.

Skims Stretch Rib Collection

As a “plus size” woman with large boobs I have had a really hard time finding comfortable bras/bralettes that actually fit. All of the Skims bras I have tried have been great, but the cotton rib collection is my favorite. The material wicks moisture without giving you swamp boobies, is soft, comfortable and does not dig in.

Lamo Flip Flop Slipper

These are super soft and don’t hurt between the toes. Perfect for letting the dog out and getting the mail.

Sunday Citizen Snug Bed Blanket

This blanket is so luscious. It is super duper soft and the ultimate in cozy. It is medium weigh, but not too heavy for the summer months. I find myself wishing I had a whole suite of furniture upholstered in this material; it’s that soft.

I hope you enjoy my first post! Be sure to leave feedback and stay tuned for more posts!

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