The Podcast Rundown

For anyone out there looking to fill some down time or a lengthy commute, here are some of my favorite podcasts:

The Armchair Expert Podcast

This is the OG. Prior to listening to this podcast I thought podcasts just weren’t for me. This podcast totally made me a convert. Dax is just the best. He is hilarious, smart and honest to a fault. He has a wide variety of guests, which leaves a little something for everyone.

The Shrink Next Door

I stumbled upon this one and it seemed pretty interesting. Then I started listening to it and I was blown away. This one will draw you in and keep you going, “wtf?!”.

The Goop Podcast

There are some episodes I love and some less so, but I find most of the topics pretty interesting.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

The story of companies you know by the people who built them. This one is a super easy listen.


I have spent countless hours listening to this one on my work commute. It is just the audio version of the same shows that are on tv, but I love listening to them and they make my commute fly by. I hope to never be the topic of an episode of Dateline, but if I am, I hope Keith Morrison is the narrator.

Let me know some of your favorite podcasts in the comments!

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