The World’s Best Pillow… No, Really

I have tried so. many. pillows. All of them. The Casper Pillow. The bamboo pillow. The memory foam pillow. The pillows they sell on late night informercials. None of them helped my chronic neck pain. Until this one. The Pluto Pillow. This pillow is a little pricey for a pillow, I admit. But back in January, after a massive neck injury that still makes my arm and hand numb, I was desperate. When you go to their website, they have you take an online questionnaire about what you’re looking for in a pillow, how you sleep, if you’re experiencing any issues, etc. So I answered the questions and I eagerly waited for my pillow to arrive. When the pillow came in the mail I was skeptical; it looked like every other pillow I had tried. But then I slept on it. It is SO GOOD. I no longer wake up with a sore neck in the morning. If you have any kind of neck strain or pain, or are just looking for a great bed pillow, I highly recommend.

*This post is not sponsored, the pillow really is just that good.

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