TiiPii Bed – Worth The Splurge?

Back in June, I stumbled across this sort of strange looking “hammock” called a TiiPii Bed. I was immediately intrigued. There are a number of different options, but they all basically boil down to a three part “system”; the TiiPii bed, the stand and the cover. The bed itself comes in a few sizes, I opted for the classic large, which claims to support 3-4 adults and 550 pounds. As soon as I ordered the bed itself, pretty much every other piece was out of stock. They have two stands, the classic and the deluxe. I wanted the classic, but it was out of stock so I ended up going with the deluxe, which is quite a bit more costly. The deluxe is billed as being better for outdoor use and is prettier, so it wasn’t a terrible thing. So I received the bed first, then had to wait a few weeks for the stand to arrive. At this point the cover was backordered until September, but I could at least enjoy the hammock outside, I would just need to bring it in when it was going to rain.

This is the best money I have ever spent on outdoor anything! I have spent more time outside this year than in my previous 34 years of life. It is so comfortable! I love to lay in it during the day and read or listen to a podcast; and at night it is fabulous to lay in and have a little fire in the fire pit nearby. The cover finally came and it is awesome. It sort of turns the TiiPii into an actual little teepee tent. The cover is water and weather proof so you can just zip it up and leave all your pillows and such inside. I also no longer have to bring the bed in when it rains, as it is protected by the cover. When you have the cover closed, there are three little netted windows you can open and it’s super cute.

In my opinion, the TiiPii bed and all its accoutrements are totally worth the splurge! With the cover, I will be able enjoy it well into the fall months, so you can get quite a lot of use out of it even if you live in a cooler climate like I do. It also comes with a sheer net overlay that you can use in the summer months, just to keep you buggy free.

Have any of you tried the TiiPii system? What did you think?

*This post is not sponsored.

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