It’s Fall Y’all! Time to Bust Out Those Pumpkin Decorations!

I’ve never been much into fall decorating. I save all my decorating mojo for Christmas. But I have always been into fabric. I go into fabric stores and I just fall in love with fabrics, even though I have no idea what I will do with them. My family has also been collecting Harley t-shirts for a very long time. And with these two seemingly unrelated hobbies an idea was born. Last year I started making and selling fabric and t-shirt pumpkins, with the help of my godmother (who is thankfully a very skilled sewer).

Below are just some of the awesome decorative pumpkins available! Please check out my Etsy store and also join my facebook group, Fook Mercantile! If there is something you would love to see in a pumpkin, just ask. We love doing custom requests!

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