You Know It’s 2020 When You Have Favorite Masks

I am about to give you my unpopular opinion… I do not hate wearing masks. I especially don’t hate that everyone has to wear one in public right now. My name is Michaella, and I am a germaphobe. I have purchased ALL THE MASKS since this pandemic began. There are some that are terrible and go directly in the trash after one wear. Some are cute, but not very functional. So here are my faves and how I wash, dry, and store them.

These have wound up being my faves. I have tons of super cute printed ones but these Plain Jane ones (with the exception of Dolly, of course), are the most comfortable for everyday use. From top left going clockwise: Jaanuu Masks. Jaanuu is a company that makes scrubs. These masks are pretty lightweight and affordable. They come with either a mesh lining or cotton lining, depending on which color you order, you do not get to pick. I have both the mesh and the cotton and they are both equally comfortable. Dolly Parton Mask. I got this one on Etsy, and while it is only a single layer, which I don’t usually like, I love that it has a pocket for a filter. Graf Lantz Mask. This one is my go to when I am going to be in what I consider higher risk situations like the grocery store or doctor’s office. It is two fabric layers thick, has a metal adjustable nose bridge, has a pocket for a filter, and the design of it holds it out from your mouth so you can breathe easily. And last but not least, the Ministry of Supply Mask. This one is lightweight, comes out from your mouth a little without gapping on the sides, and has a pocket for a filter. I will note about the Ministry of Supply Mask that the filters are specific to this brand as they are oddly shaped and are a little more pricey than the standard filters you can find lots of places.

I wash my masks on warm with Lysol Laundry Sanitizer and then I hang them to dry on this Belt Hanger.

I keep a plastic basket (left) on the floor by my door to toss my dirty masks in when I come home. I keep a basket of clean masks (right) by my door so there is always a fresh one I can grab on my way out the door.

I know not everyone loves wearing a mask, but I hope this helps you if you’ve been looking for some more comfortable options. Does anyone else have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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