Candles for that Cozy Fall Feeling

I have been loving candles lately. As the temperature starts to go down here in Ohio, I just love having an eclectic collection of cozy candles burning.

From bottom row left to right: I love love love this matte pink taper candle holder. It is incredibly rich looking and only cost $12.99! The matte texture is so cute and there is a reservoir to catch any candle drips. I have found cute taper candles all over, but I especially love the fat Root taper you can see in the top pic. I got a few of these cute reclaimed wood block tea light candle holders on Zulily. They help me achieve that eclectic vibe. They are no longer on Zulily, but I found what I think are the exact same ones here. I buy tea light candles by the tray at Hobby Lobby for super cheap. Capri Blue Volcano candles have been a longtime favorite of mine. The smell is divine and while they are pricey, I think you get your money’s worth. This one is from Anthropologie. (Don’t mind the hack job I did on the wax with a plastic spoon under the influence of Ambien one night). And last but not least, this Anchored Northwest candle is a new fave. It has a wood wick that gives that perfect crackle sounds like you’re sitting next to a campfire. If you haven’t already, please join my Facebook group, Fook Mercantile. I will be releasing these candles for sale in the group very soon!

What are some of your favorite fall/winter candles? Let me know in the comments!

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