Best Shoes… Ever

Earlier this year I was introduced to a brand of shoes called Hey Dude. I hated them immediately. The name evoked the image of the Nickelodeon kids show of the same name that I watched in the 90’s, and frankly, they looked hideous in the pic I saw of the top of someone’s feet. BUT, the person told me that they were the most comfortable shoes they had ever worn and I was intrigued. I bought a pair, and now I’m hooked. They are MUCH cuter in person than they will ever be online, and they really are the most comfortable shoes. The soles offer cushion, bounce and support. The patterns are trendy and cute. Most styles would accommodate an insole if necessary. So, while I prepare my Holiday Gift Guide for you, I thought I’d drop these shoes for you. Get a pair for yourself, and give a pair as a gift. Or just get two for yourself, I won’t judge you.

Eloise. I love that they have winter appropriate shoes as well as more spring-fall styles. I was getting bummed by the ticking clock of Ohio weather, when I wouldn’t be able to wear my other styles.

Wendy Funk Wool. The furry lining is irresistible.

Misty Buffalo Plaid. The Buckle carries a lot of “exclusive” versions like this pair. I am a sucker for a good buffalo plaid. They are mostly sold out online, but you might be able to find them in store if you’re lucky.

The Camo. These come in men’s, women’s and kid’s so the whole family can match. I was able to find the men’s and kid’s on Dillard’s website, and the women’s on The Buckle’s website.

*None of these are affiliate links, and I am not sponsored by Hey Dude in any way, I just really love these shoes.

**If Hey Dude is reading this and they would like to sponsor me in any way, I am super down.


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